So, apparently I can post shit on A|N. Hot dog! Something to do with my spare time.

I go by Kobra on the interwebz, although that's not my real name. The name really doesn't have any significance to me anymore, since I longer do chatroom RPs. (Clean the filth off your mind. No cybersex.) However, I still use the name to separate internet stuff from personal stuff. It makes things easier.

I'm the author of Kobra's Corner. I don't think anyone gives a shit, so moving right along...

I'm a member of a LARP group in Ft Myers, FL. We play Amtgard and we kick ass at it. Seriously. We actually know how to hold our swords properly. It's pretty pathetic that this is significant enough to merit mentioning it, but some Amtgard teams are just that: pathetic.

If you hold your sword by the pommel, you are pathetic. If you hold your spears vertically point-down, you are pathetic. If your magic-casters are worthless in melee combat, you are pathetic.

That's enough for now.

Oh, I'm an atheist, too. But that goes without saying.

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