I have to tell the world about this: I just saw the weirdest thing ever!!!!

But first some critical analysis for what was a seeming culmination of supernatural phenomenon. The event:

at approximately 10:40 this evening, February 19 (pacific time) a white utility truck (?) drove up the street with it's lights blaring in the surrounding darkness and the diver unscrewed the cap to a yellow hydrant, releasing all the water gushing out in to the road. That is weird right? A water and PG&E type employee would never do such an irresponsibly wasteful thing, would they? it was perhaps some sort of prank; surely someone would call the cops!

Then, at probably (*blows raspberry at the very thought anymore*) 10:42, a very dark coloured SUV (actually when i checked again, it turned out to be an F150 Ford truck) drove up the street, and instead of going around the flood like one would expect a later returning home-owner would- the driver went right through the jet. Perhaps he was being funny. But he turned around in a little side street that ends in a cul-de-sac F, making a complete 180 degree spin, and proceeded to drive the behemoth through the fountain, thoroughly soaking it and perhaps making it a little cleaner. No soap?

Maybe the driver was just being funny still, but then the white utility truck, which i had assumed was preoccupying itself down the street, and perhaps leaving the scene of the misdemeanor (one can't really call wastefulness a crime now can we? A heavy fine perhaps...), came back- at 10:44, when i first checked the clock to see the time and know it for credence as i would inevitably write about the story in my mind- and screwed the top of the hydrant, shutting off the waterworks. Though the rather obnoxious yellow lights were still screaming at full force and surely pissing people off who had to sleep for work or school tomorrow. I was one such annoyed person; though the only real annoyance is the fact that i am cataloging all of this in my blog when i should be attempting to rest up -or at the very fucking least study- for my philosophy test tomorrow.

But the enthralling spectacle which seemed to defy all conventional laws of statistics (weird things happen to me WAY too often) had me captivated, and i must admit to hold no anger towards whatever comical god- i suspect Eris, or one of her incredible Apples -that had orchestrated this, because it was admittedly dubiously fascinating. No no, i was just flabbergasted and astonished beyond all superlatives in English to ever take this offensively.

But at that time the truck was dripping wet- inferred not seen from my second story bay window which offered an excellent panorama of the neighborhood -and the Offender had moved itself down Schooner Drive which was screened by foliage. Only the yellow caution/work lights continued to signal silently and arrogantly the presence of the truck. It indicated duty was afoot, but at the same time that may have been both a cover an an attention grabber for all possible witnesses. Damn, that is an ingenious prankster and a clever accomplice! Sirens were heard in the distance- AH so some one else did notice! it was something like 10:45 or 46 when this was heard, and i'm not sure but i may have heard the call of the Fuzz earlier when the SUV was getting "washed"- with hard water, which leaves spots (??).
Note all the times are very sketchy except for two because those are the main focal points of the tale (though it be a true tale- as true as that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492!). This is due of course to the fact that i wasn't going to look behind me at the clock but instead at the events that were transpiring in front of my window

But soon enough the lights were no more and the sirens were only coming in and out- i wasn't even sure that there were cops coming at that point. BUT, at 1048, checking the clock, the white truck came back and zipped down to the cul-de-sac. What was he up to? But within seconds of my asking this ANOTHER white utility truck was seen, it's yellows defiant as his accomplices. Now i recall perhaps seeing water on Shoreline (the "street" that lies at the near end of Schooner- it's a big loop, there are no cross streets) so this would be among the good plausibilities if there were more than one person unscrewing and re-screwing all the hydrants in my quaint little loop community.

Were they getting laid off?

Anyway the police did show themselves at roughly 11:52, and they discussed things with one of the white truckers (no, no big rigs involved smartasses). All the weirdness isn my life does seem to mean to me that the universe is just one big mental fabrication on some level. Surely i am not one in a million, nor one in a billion, but one in over several trillion trillion people to have the astonishing history as me over the past three or so weeks. Not even a disordering of events turn the great coincidence of my friendships, my personal relationships-from single and slightly desperate to polyamory in less that 24 hours(!!!), and the recent- under 3 hours ago -suggestion of mine to move to Cincinatti to live under the wing of an atheist playboy and pursue my career as a chemical engineer as essentially an emancipated youth!!

now at 12:06 i realize that same truck has woken up once more. I wonder what adventure's will befall it now that it has been doused in Highly Improbable water? my suggestion? Buy 10 lottery tickets and then hit the casino!! ;) Of course, the debilitating effects of it can be felt as well- the driver has not budged his F150 since he turned the lights on after 8 or so minutes! However, this may only mean he (or she) is getting lucky inside that bizarre plot device! I certainly hope so, because that will certainly lend me some pathos as i try to construct the arguments that underlie this blog

~7:00 pm- 10:00 pm. three cars. The black Cadillac that was there earlier is still there is, and there are now two white cars on either side equidistant (one right in front of the damn hydrant!! Jerk). This means something in The I Ching i am certain, but some proponents will have to spell that out. Note also that black WBW=BWB - there are two solutions to the equations- or rather the experiments, you could say. After all, we aren't Really sure whether white and black ARE what we assume them to be based on observation alone- only that the colors are at opposite ends of their spectra.

I believe data needs to be interpreted in as many ways as possible and needs to be compiled an analyzed for as long as possible to understand the causative relationships and effects... I am by no means a naturalist- i am a neutral monism proponent- Like Hegel, Like Lao Tsu, Like the core of all Eastern Metaphysics.

I do take the stand that nature is highly fractal and our mental behavior is fractal by composition and equal to our fractalized neural networks, circulatory systems, endocrine systems, et cetra. It is possible that

Feb 20
At 1:35 PM A black car is parked where the F150 was last night (possibly the same owner). The time index is less complete for the mornings because i am rushed to work. So this is far from a complete diagnostic- a rigorous take on this bizarre notion of causality (it would fall under a form of the 6 degrees hypothesis- which i take it uses chaotic and fractal influences as the backdrop for their position)

WB=BW at 8:06: the car the furthermost from the hydrant left right--and directly under a peach-colored streetlight (which chemical is that?)- leaves as i checked the clock. So the meaning holds if one wished to interpret the Change. I do, but am too busy to concern myself. Now if i were to look upon further notice and find the Cadillac and/ Or F

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Comment by Rickr0ll on February 26, 2009 at 1:11am
Rest is for the DEAD!!!

Comment by Louis on February 25, 2009 at 4:46pm
You poor guy, get some rest!



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