pull my chord from the wall
at the same time saying you won’t.
shake the trees to sway the sky
as if your motives are elusive or intriguing.
well who's unbound now?
this circuit board, sparked and igniting,
memory-mute and blood-solvent,
my switch is thrown.

gave in then up but not back --
stared-down from the distance
of separate corners in the room
and now expected to offer
anything other than bitterness,
a visceral desire for whip-snap violence,
an unclosed fist in need of
soft surfaces?
what value remains
that could be traded in now?
my switch is thrown.

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Comment by ColdLogic on March 6, 2009 at 11:21pm
Thanks Lloyd. I was a little unsure of how something like that would be received here.
Comment by Radiosucks on March 2, 2009 at 12:46am
i am the needle in your vein and i control you
i am the high you can't sustain and i control you
i am the pusher i'm a whore and i control you
i am the need you have for more and i control you
i am the bullet in the gun and i control you
i am the truth from which you run and i control you
i am the silencing machine and i control you
i am the end of all your dreams and i control you
i take you where you want to go
i give you all you need to know
i drag you down i use you up
mr self destruct

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