Inspire! Motivate! Affirm! Be Heard May 7th! Speakers Needed!

Hey, kiddos!


We've got the next online convention coming up on May 7th for the Atheists of Facebook Online Convention. These events are starting to really take off. We had Seth Andrews and Dan Barker on this last time. Anyway, we're starting our next casting call for May 7, and the deadline to pitch a presentation is April 8th, with announcement of who's on by April 11th.


Content wise, it doesn't have to be ex-christian oriented. As long as it secular oriented, whether it be about business investment, or a skit about fallacies, travels abroad doing humanitarian missions or just putting together an outreach in your neighborhoods. Designing clothes for little heathens? Or maybe you create music, or write poetry. We want to hear about it.


There are approximately 15 slots to fill. Submissions need to be sent to for review. You can send a video, audio clip, or just an email, but make your pitch a good one. If you are passionate about your topic, be sure to show that. Keep it within a five minute range whether written or visual media. There isn't any major censorship other than the common rules of no genitalia, bigotry, or exploitation.


There will be strict deadlines, and expectation of you vetting your material and sources. Snope that shit if you aren't sure.

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Comment by Bluegrass Skeptic on March 27, 2016 at 5:34pm

Thanks, Daniel! You don't have to be a Facebook member to enjoy the convention as it is posted on YouTube. We just do most of the advertising there. If you know anyone who would even consider being a presenter, send them our way! We are always looking for new activists in the secular communities.



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