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For just a moment, let’s run with the idea that life as we know it was designed by some higher intelligence which put together the basic chemistry for life in an organized and stable form at some time in the ancient past. Would it still have to comply with the laws of nature? How does one prove it in a scientific way? And how does the existence of countless other worlds make it incalculably tougher to prove that there's only one designer in the universe?

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Comment by j on January 24, 2009 at 11:48am
"We are created 98% genetically similar to chimps by His Design... At least 80% genetically similar to pigs by His Design..." Anyway, this ain't the old time religion that said 'we are special and unique, created in His Holy Image...' Alien compared to the other lesser creatures...

Consider this also: the God of the Bible is not the same as the God of the Big Bang.



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