interesting documentary "the hidden jesus"

this british dude looks at other religions with similarities to christianity.
buddhism, hinduism and of course mithraism...

viewable via 11 parts on youtube...

one heads up...
the host, a theologian named dr. robert beckford, is pretty liberal christian. so liberal, in fact, that he seems to think that all the religions he investigates in this show just reinforce the message of christianity. basically, he seems to think that all religions are manifestations of the divine -- the same divine truth. i think that's just utter BS, but it is still an interesting program.

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Comment by Matt VDB on August 30, 2010 at 6:32am
Besides, whenever I hear garbage like "Krishna was born of a virgin", I stop watching. That's a sure sign that somebody doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.
Krishna was the eight son of the princess Devaki, and along with the seventh child, Balarama, he was born miraculously. But last time I checked, women usually aren't virgins anymore after they have already conceived six children in the normal fashion. So that claim is totally wrong.

This guy wants to understand the origins of Christianity? Forget Mithras, Horus and Krishna: look at First Century Judaism, especially its apocalyptic beliefs about the impending end of the world. Then look at what Jesus was preaching about how "the kingship of God is near and hand, repend and believe in this good news". All will become clear.

I'll see about watching the rest of the documentary, but if the research is as shoddy as that, I expect the worst.



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