Interesting website and my open letter to the guy

I found this website created by a scientist who is clearly in the "human caused global warming is a hoax" camp and found his reasoning fairly good, but other parts of his site seemed to wander into the polemic, which was a bit disappointing so I wrote him the following letter:


I read with interest your thoughts on the notion of global warming and felt you made some interesting points that are certainly worth further study on my part.
I found your writing refreshingly humble and thoughtful compared to the polemics coming from some of the louder voices on the right.  I also like your approach of sticking to the facts and avoiding making unverified statements.
A couple of points I wanted to make about your website in general for your consideration. 
Use of the term “Democrats”
At times I see you generalize your detractors as “Democrats” and I think that’s a mistake.  Given your loyalty to critical thinking in the global warming sections, your sweeping generalization of a body of people who probably agree with you on more points than not, I think its important to avoid use of terms like “Republicans” and “Democrats” if your goal is to seek wisdom.  Those constructs are clearly false as people tend to be a lot more complex than the lowest common denominator.
Avoidance of the Origins issue.   You take on a lot of controversial topics, but as a scientist I found it curious you avoid the origins issue.  If there is any issue that leaders in the “Christian” camp tend to bring up a lot its creationism, and if you are truly and honest scientist, I think you should at least acknowledge that the notion of a 6000 year old earth/universe created in 7 days is preposterous, with absolutely no support in science.  Given your harsh criticism of Gore on the “gnat” of global warming discrepancies, this would appear as the “log” or “elephant in the room” when discussing issues.
Finally, your website lacks opportunity or links to people critical of your viewpoints.  I think one of the great strengths of many sites on the internet is the ability for others to comment and critique you publicly, with your inline responses publicly, so people can make up their own minds and not feel manipulated by one point of view into a kind of thinking.  I think it would be great if you added an open discussion forum to your website and invited the public discourse.  Sure, some will say dumb things, but isnt it better to let others correct them publicly so wisdom can be self-evident rather than muzzling them?
Thanks so much for your effort in producing your website, I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors to learn about this wonderful universe in which we find ourselves.
Ryan Cameron


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Comment by ryan cameron on February 6, 2011 at 11:08am
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I recommend a web page from NASA, on the evidence that the globe is warming and that humans are primarily responsible.


I also recommend such books as THE WEATHER MAKERS by Tim Flannery, 

THE WINDS OF CHANGE by Eugene Linden


UNDER A GREEN SKY by Peter D. Ward, 

THE FLOODED EARTH by Peter D. Ward, 


NOW OR NEVER by Tim Flannery. 


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