It's been a hectic week here in north central Indiana. Right now, we're preparing for our first winter storm. Lots of wind and rain with snow forecast for overnight. My plans for attending the annual middle school christmas breakfast tomorrow is on hold, depending on weather conditions. Retirees, like myself, are always invited. I like to see my old compadres. 

I have good news and bad, then good. First, I did purchase a new truck this week. I've always been partial to small trucks, like my Dodge Dakota. But none of the "Big 3" make them anymore. So I went with the Toyota Tacoma--a 2013 "Barcelona Red" access cab model. Unfortunately, they must be big sellers, because there is none in my state to be found! So, I ordered one to be built to my specifications. I just have to be patient while waiting for who know how long. It will enhance my anticipation. That's one of my life's mottos: anticipate with gusto! I have a friend in the used car business that will either buy or consign my current truck for much more that the dealer offered. No more Craigs list.

The bad/good news is that my sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer had successful surgery yesterday and is doing fine. I spent many hours in the hospital sitting and waiting. Exhausting and boring. She has a twin sister, but they don't mesh very well, so I was the designated attendee. We all, along with our nearly 95 year old father, live within 10 miles of each other (single and separate). It makes it nice to be able to help one another when necessary.

Yes, it's been a crazy week--and it's not over yet!

Take care.

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