internet people are crazy! (also a conversation about vaccines)

it all started innocently enough with a facebook friend who posted the latest vaccine scare.
i usually stay out of said friend's post since they tend to be very gody and i don't really care about her beliefs, but this one annoyed me enough to comment on it and soon enough a champion has arrived to defend the honor of the anti vaccination crowd.

so after being annoyed with the original post and sharing it on an theist group, my group friends provided a second video that shows the "sick" girl walking around normally and talking normally.
this video suggested that the first one was a hoax so i've decided to share it on the post.
so the hero decided to go on and answer my questions.
unfortunately the hour is late and i only noticed the first answer (not that it made much difference).
and then things started to get a bit crazy...
for the end of the conversation i've got a new mission!
mission: driving crazy people even crazier.
weapon: being polite.
result: i've got upgraded to "devil". mission achieved!

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Comment by reuma eshet on January 6, 2014 at 4:06pm

i was actually a little angry at the beginning, but then i've cooled down a bit and understood that those people are just misguided and misinformed.
they are convinced that they are doing the right thing by promoting those dangerous anti vaccination ideas, so i did my best to inform them and tried not to get angry with them and instead to say what i had to say and just have fun with the rest of the responses...

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 6, 2014 at 2:15am

Kewl Convo, don't get many like that here.

There's not enough of them in this place to have fun with locally on FB, FB got boring so I ditched it.

I now have to go onto US debate sites to find convos like that, yet I'm not so soft on them. LOL

Nice tactic!   :-D~

I'm not very good at that, I usually go for the jugular.

Might try a little kindness and turn the other cheek.

BTW: That likely didn't come from Jesus and the Sermon on the Mt, possibly never happened as all accounts were written at least 40 years later from people who were never there.

So even if a person was there, they'd be flat out recalling even half of what was said.

Most of the NT recollection was likely made up.

Just a little historical insight that may help upset the occasional Christian that you decide you don't like.



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