A Threaded Conversation with the Deity of Atheism, Austin Cline This was the title of one of my blogs. I am not a freshman at blogging--I am a sophmore given I'm only in my fourth month. But first, I didn't know this site existed until I just accidentally discovered it. So I never published anything here.

Second, Austin Cline, of About.Com may be a member here, or may be highly regarded here, but it isn't my intention of pissing anyone off. I'm posting this because I publicly disagreed with Mr. Cline and he publicly rebuffed me, then refused to print any more of my comments on his site.

The day after I posted "The Deity of Atheism, Austin Cline," I posted this: Atheism Is Protected As a Religion, says Court, followed below it by the article "Austin Cline Has Adversaries?" I heard from many of Cline's readers that that is the way he is. So I guess my crowning of him as the Deity of Atheism is apropos.

I blog about anything about philosophy. Last week I wrote a four-part series on the Ontology of the Taxonomy of the Soul in the Unborn. But most often I write single part posts.

Glad to be aboard this ship, and I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Curtis Edward Clark

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