After three weeks, I am back from an wonderful trip to Ireland where I met so many fun and interesting people. Most of all, I learned first hand the challenges and creativity of the people of Atheist Ireland. From Michael Nugent to Paul Gill to others like Rebecca O'Neill, John Buckley and Senator Ivana Bacik. Ireland has special challenges but also some amazing opportunities. After I returned, I was to talk on The God Virus at the MidWest Freethinkers on Saturday. I totally changed my talk to reflect the things I had learned about Ireland - religion, atheists, political/constitutional issues, etc. The audience was very engaged. I could not get them to stop after almost two hours, so we had to adjourn to a local pub to continue the discussion and Q&A.

Irish Atheists are on the move. Their ideas and approaches are something we all should watch. They may well drag Ireland out of the dark ages in one huge step!

I also met Richard Green from the UK where his newly formed group is growing rapidly. Richard was one of the first in the UK to read The God Virus and has been an enthusiastic supporter for the book. Sales in the UK have risen steadily in recent months, and I imagine he has had something to do with that.

Senator Ivana Bacik, an "out" atheist in the Irish Senate.

Richard Green

Speaking at the Atheist Ireland conference July 17, 2010

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