Is an atheist someone who believe in Nothing? A Nihilist ?

People can say they believe in no Diety,

This often means a Rejection of a God of person

According to the Wikipedia only about 2.5 percent of the world population describe themselves as atheists. Another group of about 3 percent describe themselves as non theists.

The USA appears to rivial Islam in its population of religious theists.

Not all of these go to church regularly or have a clear idea of what a Universe without a personal God would be like.

I believe the late John Lennon was an atheist. Just Imagine no hell below us and above us only sky.

Does a non theist remain unreligious and contend the Universe is without purpose.

I for one have never believed in a personal God. My views or speculations and that is all it can be, are rational and empirical.

Now, what does that mean? Does it mean I know this Universe is totally by accident, a quantum blech that just got lucky.

No, because all I am sure of is there is no God head, no old Jewish spirit and his boy Jesus, siting on a throne of Gold, waiting to reward the elect.

What is the promise of the Bible? For one, it promises living in paradise with Jesus for eternity or in its more fundamental forms, death of all awareness until that day of judgement. The day of judgement is why many will not cremate themselves after death, although this seems to be a much more natural way of returning the elements of the body for reuse.

Nothing seems quite so gross to me than skulls, bones, mummies and coffins.

Could we really conceive of living in paradise forever as that person or personality we were in life. Could you conceive of being wed to that spouse your divorced for ever in the here after?

I for one cannot. Now, what can we say about how this Universe cycles?

I know as much as I may wish to go back and meet my mother, my father and my dear cats, even if I could, I would tire of them probably in a million years. Actually in a whole lot less time, I'm sure.

Can you imagine thought or events without a time dimension? I cannot.

Much of this non sense religions offer as rewards would be a living hell if it actually did come true.

Now, could you be recycled in some way after death? Well, yes, but perhaps not quite as you think. That you would be a flower pot, a plum tree or a bit of horse dung, could all come true.

We know we live in a marvelous and dynamic Universe that's essence is change and reformation. Much like the notes of music can be constantly regrouped, altered and played again and again. Each symphony a new sounding was wonderful as the first. And, with those notes, as long as conscious and intelligent beings inhabit the Earth, there will be someone here to listen and smile or maybe grunt.

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Comment by Gary Epstein on February 25, 2010 at 10:14am
Ryan, I'd agree, but atheism I think is rationalism. It would be open to the evidence of God as a personality if she would show herself. Now, I see nothing wrong in the Pagan worship of the real, that of the Earth. I don't think Atheism means no beliefs, just that they need a empirical evidence.

There are mysteries in this Universe, as to why it is. That, in my opinion, does not immediately give the religionist any ammunition.
Comment by ryan cameron on February 25, 2010 at 8:13am
Ok better, religious people are arealists, and we are realists. I think that turns this whole argument on its head and puts us where we should be - positive believers in reality instead of non-somethings.
Comment by ryan cameron on February 25, 2010 at 8:12am
one could argue that since god is non existent, as is all the spiritual realm, all religious people essentially believe in nothing.

Atheists, on the other hand, believe in the existent, based on readily observable evidence. They accept the self evident. They do not deny the physical world.

I would consider religious people anti-reality-ists or aphysics. And Atheists are realists.



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