I keep close watch on technological development around the world, archiving dozens of articles daily, and I am becoming downright scared by some of what I'm reading between the lines. For example, I see this article, titled Future Wars May Be Fought by Synapses, which details a few examples of how we will soon be able to manipulate functions of the brain, including behavior. Or this article, titled Zapping the Brain with Magnets Makes it Impossible to Lie, which is self-explanatory. Or this article, titled Airforce Wants Ray Guns for Weed Prevention, which details the potential for long-range manipulation of biochemistry, which might make it impossible to grow weed anywhere, ever, because wavelengths disruptive to their growth could bombard the whole earth from orbit.


So what's to prevent some government/corporation from figuring out the chemical combinations of thoughts and emotions (as in this article) and FORCING us to behave as they want us to, all the while allowing us to feel like it is our own inclination driving the change in our behaviors? That kind of technology is not in the news yet, but the precursors to it are, and rest assured, if I can think of it so can someone who wants to implement it. It would never be anounced in the news, of course, so we must extrapolate from what news we are given, just what capabilities might be out there, or are about to be.


I have a growing sense of urgency that the Occupy movement may well be the last stand of the people, and that if they put us down this time, we may never be able to get back up again. Conspiritorial? Yes. But with all the advances I've seen every day over the last decade, it is far from impossible. And if it's possible, we should be watching out for it, conspiritorial or not, because those in power are drunk with it, and will do anything they can to maintain their sway.


Is anyone else as concerned as I am?

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Comment by Nerdlass on November 14, 2011 at 12:04am

Egad, sounds as bad as Logan's Run... I haven't had a chance to look at those articles... I'll try to give a gander, this evening...

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