I wrote an article last month posing the question: Can Christians and Atheists Find Common Ground? In exploring that question with both believers and nonbelievers, I came away a bit discouraged. The answer appeared to be "as long as."

In that article, I made the following statement:

"Apostates such as myself, meaning I once was a theist and have chosen to reject a belief in a deity, often are met with a certain mixture of sadness, incredulousness, and anger for rejecting God and Christ."

A reader of this blog left a comment and a challenge for me that I've long meant to follow up on. He wrote:

"I challenge YOU to seriously question the literal truth of the following statement from this blog: "...I once was a theist and have chosen to reject a belief in a deity,..." I submit to you that you had no more "choice" in being an atheist than you did in being a Christian."

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