So, we(the family), got a new Desktop(yaaaay). That I have to share with EVERYONE(boooo).


Nothing really big happened except I actually drove a car(well, SUV) and mom is getting the hint that BWPC and me equals more fodder for therapy. So there is a win.

Reclaiming a life after abuse(spiritual or otherwise) is quite arduous..but I feel as if I don't get to know myself now and stand on my own two feet that I'll always be a broken rod. It sucks living in the country because my friends are so far flung, but I have a cat to sustain me between visits from the BF.


I'm almost 30. And let me tell you, when I was younger I thought I wouldn't make it this far. Talk about the stregnth of the human will.But I still mourn the years I wasted chasing the idea that I was dirt and scum and only a suicidal superman could save me. I wish that I knew sooner, but hindsight.


Its always gets you in the end...

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Comment by Monica S. on September 1, 2011 at 9:44pm
Oh, and if anyone wants a google plus invitation, tell me. I have too many left!



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