Is Sarah Palin the New Breed of Religious Right Leader?

:an evangelist who doesn’t pontificate from a church, radio or magazine, but as a roving itinerant who has others set up her tent and do her advance work as she concentrates on getting the media to cover her message without spending a cent on PR.  I have a really big issue with Sarah Palin because although she appeals to a large population of the US,  she gains her popularity by articulating the deep dissatisfaction her followers feel about the Republican Party and President Obama through 'religious values.'  It doesn't seem right to me that Palin is manipulating these disadvantaged people into building her name and her value, when at the end of the day, she's good at picking other people's decision making apart, but I can guarantee you she could not run this country any better.  Thoughts?

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Comment by Kris King on September 8, 2011 at 6:40am

Anyone who substitutes actual political experience for, good old-fashioned, home-spun folksy soundbites, fearmongering rhetoric, intolerance towards others, and generally acting like being a Jeeeeezus loving, gun-owning patriot is the only qualification one needs to be president, should not be allowed to be in charge of their own shoes, let alone an entire nation with a nuclear arsenal and key role in global politics and the world economy.

Why do so many Americans think it's better to elect someone you'd want to drink a beer with than someone who's actually qualified?  I wouldn't trust my any of my drinking companions with my laptop, let alone the complex infrastructure of the country :)  There seems to be this fear of elitism, when all it means is that you believe in the best - in the case, the best person for the job.  Surely you want someone who knows more than you do about running the country?

Comment by Steph S. on September 7, 2011 at 5:24pm
I agree, she probably would not do a better job.  She will just be like the other religious right leaders.


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