That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” Christopher Hitchens. What is the evidence that the Bible is the infallible word of God? One of the attributes ascribed to God in the Bible is omniscience, the absolute knowledge of all things in all time,space, and beyond. God simultaneously knows all of the past, all of the present, and all of the future with infallibility. The future that God infallibly foresees is so certain that it might as well be that it has already occured. He knows every thought of every person on earth simultaneously.
It stands to reason that God being omniscient and the Creator of thought and logic would be the infallible master of logic. He would have known everything in eternity past about the technology we have here in the year 2013 CE. If anyone would be an expert in scientific undertanding it would be God.
Why does the Bible consistently get the facts of horticulture, entomology, the shape of the earth, astronomy and cosmology, medical treatment, history, and etc.wrong ? And why are a good number of the Bible's prophecies so vague that practically event can be claimed as it's fulfillment, and why are a number of the Bible's prophecies unable to be fulfilled now, and why were a number of the Bible's prophecies just plain wrong ? Wouldn't the Bible be more credible if it predicted something that clearly and unambiguously referred to 9/11 2001. Not in some vauge prophecy, but saying something like; In the the year 2001 there will be jihad and they will seek to strike terror into the hearts of all. And in the ninth month and eleventh  day on the wings of great eagles they will attack two great towers in a very great city. And maybe refer in the same terms to the attack on the Pentagon. And what if it is a known and established fact that this prophecy was written in 2,700 BCE ? That would be credible in favor of the Bible's Divine inspiration. But you don't find specifics in the prophecies of the Bible, especially of this detail. You only find vagueries.
And it has been discovered over time that, if the Kingdoms of David and Solomon actually existed, they were not the great and magnicifant kingdoms spoken of in the Bible, and that's if they ever even existed. There is no sign in the Sinai Peninsula of large Hebrew encampments. There is no evidence of the conquests of the Palistine.
All this asserts that the Bible cannot be taken seriously, it has no credible evidence, and so we can rightly dismiss it. This is a strong argument for the non-existence of God, and so we can dismiss that notion also.This is case where the challenge "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" [Carl Sagan] comes into play

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Comment by Michael Penn on April 15, 2013 at 10:08am

The big problem with the Bible is that it is quoted as infallible and self supporting when the 66 books it contains were never meant to be put together as one. This alone causes all the contradictions that so many believers just can't see. Then we have so many obvious allegories taken as true facts and the false logic that something is "gospel truth." Those two words have been used almost interchangeably and the word "gospel" simply meant "good news." I'm sorry. Using the Bible to support the Bible, or using it's words to seemingly make it infallible just does not work. In 2012 my Bible belief became something for the gullible. The Bible is simply not credible.

Comment by Madhukar Kulkarni on April 14, 2013 at 1:24am


India is a land where atheism existed in very ancient times. The first known Indian atheist, Kapil, said that the  constantly changing world cannot have an unchanging god. The Bible shows that its god is totally fixed in time and is unchanging. Such a god could not have given any scripture to people. That god and the so called scripture he has given are both false.

Comment by Shaun Johnston on April 13, 2013 at 3:29pm

I see the bible as a Rorschach test. What form will people give to their deepest wishes when they can invent supernatural beings with no limit to those beings' powers and no restraints from reason and logic? I do not feel this information is valueless. But it has value only if you see as this kind of test, not if you take seriously what believers tell you is the point.

Do I believe what believers of the bible believe? I think I must do, to some extent, just in being like them a member of the human species, with similar genetic endowment. I'm likely to share some of their wishes, and I might find in their expression of it some insight into myself.

And that, bending over backwards, is as far as I can see.



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