Is the question, "is there a god?" a valid inquiry?

Is there a god?
Which one are you referring to?
Are you asking me to deny your god or a specific god, or are you asking me to deny all gods?

I'll need you to elaborate more in order for me to give you a proper answer.

Are the defined gods with all-powerful or intervening attributes impossible?

Yes they are impossible. #1 all-powerful is an impossibility you cannot be so powerful that you can't do something because of your all-powerfulness. The concept is contradictory by logic, reality, and nature. #2 there is no and has never been a specified case of proof for an intervening god. Not that I am saying non-existence of proof is proof of non-existence, because that would be intellectually dishonest. I am saying that the claim has no validity, it is an utterly useless point to bring up. You have no proof of it so talking about it is assuming from the position of ignorance.

Is there an Abrahamic god?
No there is not.

Are there any Hindu/Pagan gods?
No there is not.

Is there a Deistic god?
This question doesn't conclude with a meaning to life or a reward system after death and isn't that the whole purpose of a deity? The Deistic God doesn't matter, and I have no way of proving it doesn't exist nor do the people who believe in it have a way to prove that it does, so the question loses all validation in being asked.

Is there a god that we are currently unaware of its definition and characteristic traits?
I don't know, "does it matter?" is the real question. I can also not disprove this kind of god and I'm more than willing to be open to the idea. However, because this kind of god does not demand anything nor offer anything in return it is again a useless and circular argument that will get you no where on the concept of meaning of life.

The issue is not whether god exists or not, the issue is do you need god to exist or not? If you need god to exist (and trust me there are plenty of weak minded people who do) then fine, but aren't there philosophies that can give your life meaning in which you do not have to assert from authority that you are better than anyone else? If you do not need god to exist (for whatever reason, logic, scientific facts, you don't care, etc) then god is pointless.

God/jesus are nothing more than stories that helps people answer the age old questions of, "why are we here, and what is the meaning of it all?" All the other stuff in between is just filler to ground the answer of why and what, "god did this, god did that, god says this, god says that." None of which actually have evidence. All religious personal stories become blended to fit with each other. They are all meaningless, god/jesus/the bible it is nothing but a philosophical story in attempt to help others gain self reflection and ordain meaning to ones life. I say again, some people need this in their lives, but it is not because they need religion, they simply need a philosophy to distract them from the meaningless impact we have on the universe.

In reality everyone wants to be a god, even if ultimately it is just on something as small as our own lives. This reward system deems we can have that god-like status for eternity if we follow 10 rules and the philosophical stories behind these rules. It is a nice notion, its an even intoxicating and hard to notice lie, however, that is all that it is, a lie.

Do we know why this lie was told? No we don't. We have nearly no records or understanding about the authors (whoever was inspired by god) who wrote the bible Including the Jewish Torah (the old testament). Anything you find on the authors will be guesses and speculation by the style of their writing and nothing more. So we are to assume that the bible was literally written by God, and as I have previously shown, there is no evidence to support such a claim as a intervening god.

The author of the Qur'an was mohammad and we know what an insane war mongering religious zealot he was, hardly the example to follow for the meaning of life. If you want to follow a man who said, do as I say or die, and practiced it quite literally up until his death. Fine, but you may as well just read Mien Kampf and call yourself a nazi than to call yourself a Muslim.

The Vedas are also claimed to be divinely authored and no records or biographies are known of the authors. It seems that there is nothing like saying your religion is unique without following everyone else's claim of divinely inspired text.

Pagan holy text is often attributed to the "E" word and again the author is often unknown or said to have been inspired by "god X".

So what records do we have accounting evidence of god? None. So I'll leave you with this. If there is a god, we don't know shit about it, and all the gods we say we know about are either logically incoherent examples or they do not matter. "Is there god" is not the question you should be asking, the question you should be asking is "does the philosophical teaching of gods existence make your life important to you?" Anything else is a useless inquiry.

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Comment by Harry Meyer on March 27, 2011 at 10:11am

Yep, they ask that question as if we know what a god is! Please define god beofe you ask if there is such a thing. Once it's defined it can be proven false or nonexistent.


Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 26, 2011 at 1:20pm
Very well stated position. I would add, though, that there is very compelling evidence as to the origins of the Abrahamic tradition being rooted in the mythology common to all Semetic peoples. The inclusion of the deluge and creation mythology found throughout the evolution of the Sumerians via Assyrians into Babylonians, and the polytheistic references in Genesis 6 and Deuteronomy to the 'sons of God' and 'Ashera' who was well known to be considered the wife of 'God' in ancient Judaen tradtion being just a few examples.

Unfortunately for Judaism, its mythology actually documented the religious reforms of Hezekiah that attempted to mirror the successes of the Assyrian's novel concept of monotheism. All of this just serves to further illustrate how the God-concept is nothing more than a fabricated social institution lacking any credibility for its post-hoc claims of 'divine inspiration'.

In short, I can project my concept of mind to imbue my 1991 Jeep YJ with a human personality and emotions but that serves as no indicator that it is actually able to feel sad. The likely hood that any God-concept turning out to reflect reality is equivalent to the possibility that somewhere in a distant galaxy, a long time ago, there existed a fellow named Luke Skywalker. We can't prove that the imagination of George Lucas being represented in some form of reality is impossible - but yes, waisting our intellectual resources on such conjecture is pointless.



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