"Is This It?" Awesome Atheist/Science Video

What Julie asked Richard. from Embiggen Books on Vimeo.

I've been to quite a few freethought conferences and events this year and this has been my favourite one to date. I'm so glad it's up on video now so that I can share it.

Warren Bonett of Embiggen Books provides a passionate and compelling answer to a question that Australian politician, Julie Bishop, put to Richard Dawkins on Australian national television: "Is this 'it'?" she asked.

This is a must see with a beautifully integrated slide-show from graphic artist and space-nut Warren! Please watch and remember, if you're in Australia, buy your science, philosophy, art and atheism books online from http://www.embiggenbooks.com/ - and if you're overseas, use Embiggen to wrap and send books to your Australian friends.

Oh, and that book that Warren mentions at the end? I've written a chapter for it (but still hoping it makes it through the publisher's editing process!)

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