Islam and inverted intolerance: Sarkozy and anti-burqa campaign

The following, clipped from the news site, is a revealing glimpse of the abject incompatibility between Islamic and Western values.
Sarkozy's remarks on burqa only to provoke Muslims

New Delhi: Muslim leaders today slammed French president Nicolas Sarkozy for describing the burqa as a sign of "subservience", saying it was a "direct attack" on Islamic identity and meant to "provoke" the community.

"Sarkozy's statement on burqa is a direct attack on Islamic identity and shows the level of hatred he has towards Islam and Muslims," Shahi Imam of Delhi-based Jama Masjid Ahmed Bukhari said.

The French president had told a special session of Parliament yesterday that "the burqa is not a sign of religion, it is a sign of subservience."

"France calls itself a secular democratic country. So, how can Sarkozy deny his people the right to freedom of religion," Bukhari said, adding "such steps and injustice give birth to extremists elements who later become terrorists."

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind spokesman Abdul Hameed Nomani said, "this is a negative attitude from the French president and it shows how much influenced he is by anti-Islamic propaganda."

"If nudity is not banned in France, then why should the wearing of clothes be?" both Bukhari and Noamani asked.

Can you believe that? Terrorism is our fault. We can't blame the Muslims for killing us because we don't respect their hateful institutions. This mindset should not surprise us . . . after all, it's the same mindset that has enforced the subjugation of women for millennia. It's the mindset that wants to subjugate Western values. They won't be happy until they succeed in prostrating the entire world before Allah.

It appears to me that it's this cultural incompatibility that is driving France toward an anti-burqa law in the first place. There's no ifs about it, Islam is a religion of male dominance and subjugation of women. One can rationalize Islamic intent any way one pleases but, in the end, it's the results that matter. The result is a misogynistic culture.

A Muslim woman has only one purpose: serve her husband. The abject subjugation of women in Muslim countries is enshrined in the Qur'an and Shariah law. The insecurities and feelings of inadequacy behind male dominance has, for many centuries, institutionalized neuroses that permeate Muslim society.

Most of what is wrong with Muslim cultures stems from the subjugation of women. By succumbing to their sexual inadequacies and subjugating their women, Muslim men enforce a culture that minimizes half of their population while inculcating misogynistic neuroses in the other half. This unhealthy culture of dominant men and submissive women leads to mothers who have less status than their children and children who learn that women are unworthy and pathetic.

This disparity removes from men positive means of expressing masculinity -- romance and a robust family life. With those doors closed to them, many men assert their manhood by bravado and violence instead. The ranks of Jihadist militants are filled with sexually frustrated men, full of feelings of inadequacy.

No society can minimize half its population (females) and remain healthy. I don't want to see Western societies polluted by Islamic influences. That's not intolerant . . . it's self-preservation of our way of life.

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Comment by Atheist Exile on July 5, 2009 at 2:18pm
Infidel nations need to make the separation of church and state complete and absolute and enshrined in their constitutions. This should help prevent some of the Muslim pressure and tactics, aimed at special concessions, from succeeding. It will also keep those pesky Christians at bay.



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