After reading the blog on this  and watching the video....It left me  depressed  and gave me the chills.....If  what they say is true...WWIII is coming.......The West  may be stronger  but  the Islamists  have us beat in numbers.........Since  Islamists feel their god is  the only true  god  and  they  are more than willing  to die  for their  cause  one can't  help but feel  like  something  Horrific  is  about to happen ........As  said  in the video....history  tends  to repeat  itself....People  become  complacent when there is an extended  period  of Peace in the world and  they feel  safe.....But  as we found  out  on 9/11/2001  bad things  can happen  fast  and out of nowhere.....It is also  a fact  that  the  worst  and bloodiest  wars  are  Religious  in nature....My only  wish is  that  our  leaders  here in the USA and in the rest of the Free world don't wait  until it is too late......

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Comment by Michael Penn on July 14, 2014 at 10:47am

I agree whole heartedly. The question is what do we do? My advice as a first step is to shun and avoid these moves where religion gets a foot hold in our politics. Forget the vote you think you are gaining and get these nutjobs out of political and govenmental decissions. The very fact that governments are coddling the religious right now leaves the door open for anything to happen. Islamists are well aware of this and will use it to their own reward when they can.

If war and open attacks come out of left field, it is in part because we have left the door for this open. We have learned very little since 9/11.


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