Mohammed has given his Islamist (slaves of Allah) false impression and deluded them that they are the best nation in the world, and they are the only people who will go heaven, any people else will go Hell in the life after according to his allegation. As a result, they suffer from megalomaniac , they have a conception that they are the only nation in the world who will go heaven and they are the most prefered nation in the world according to their Allah’s promise and description in Quran that “they are the best nation in the world" because they are Muslim”. It is egoism; and megalomaniac, they think that the other nations will go Hell as they are not Muslim including those advanced and industrial nations, that made the modern civilization, I wonder how the appearance of Heaven will be with those backward Muslim inside it, with their beliefs, thoughts, forms, shapes, extra… In that case I don’t like heaven. According to those conceptions they see themselves far above anything wrong ,and they are true and must not be touched by anyone, or any other peoples , at the same time their religion,and prophet mohammad, mustn’t be touched by anyone either ,that’s why they have become mad because of some meaningless cartoons. It is Greatness-Madness(megalomaniac). I live among them and I know what they feel and how they think. They bother me because I don’t go to mosque. They consider the abuse against those who are unbeliver is good-doing, to gain plenty of favors added to their records, and Allah (God) will be contented fully of their doings ,thus He grants them more properties, estates, possessions, and heavenly ladies in Heaven.

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Comment by muhab samer on August 30, 2010 at 8:33am
I respect your view Dean Smith, are you Muslim, or Christian? I didn't say that Christianity is better than Islam or vise versa, that's not my topic, because I’m irreligious.
Comment by muhab samer on August 30, 2010 at 8:33am
Thanks for your participation Grace Fitzpatrick. In deed, they are very narrow minded, even in Europe or US. as you said. They live separately in small and isolated communities. They live as they are in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. They think that mingling with non Muslim or non Arabs will get them lose their faith ,that they strived a lot for it. They are very fanatic to islam randomly and ignorantly, they think that others envy them and, endeavor hard to get them leave their islam that through it will gain a fully luxury life in heaven. At the same time the muslim fundamental countries spend huge amounts of money to keep their religious situation worst and worst. They spend spies to watch them and penetrate among them to keep the situation as it is by keeping them isolated and think only about Allah , heaven and hell that’s all. Huge amounts of money come to Yemen from Saudi Arabia to feed this situation, in addition to importing enormous numbers of wahabi extremists and fundamentalists to the country spread everywhere especially schools. They come fully carried with that thought ,and spread it especially among women and children. We suffer a lot of that thought in schools, I don’t know what I do with my children .They are entirely terrified and in horror by the tales, and the depiction of grave torture and Hell(burning) after death if they don’t pray or fast in Ramadan. They are threatened that if they don’t pray in the age of 7 they will be killed according to the Islamic rules, on the other hand they will undergo harsh and painful torture after death by Allah in hell and in their graves. Enlightened, moderate, educated or irreligious parents can’t do anything entirely, if they try to get their children aware or teach them the opposite. Those parents face hardships and be in trouble, they are charged of working against islam.That happens with fully arrangement, co-operation, and co-ordination with the authorities. Those factors increase the status and led it to that tragic situation you mentioned.
Comment by Dean Smith on August 29, 2010 at 9:48pm
I'm glad you found reason! Don't be too quick to judge all Muslims by your experience though. Many Muslims aren't as strict. Senegal is a majority-Muslim country that has freedom of religion. Many of the East Asian majority-Muslim countries are tolerant of religious diversity. Islam needs reformation, just like Christianity did, to come to terms with the modern world.

Although my preference would be for many Muslims to follow your example, I don't think it's likely, so I hope for reformation.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 28, 2010 at 11:31am
I commend you for finding sanity in the insanity you live in. I am so sorry you live with danger just because your beliefs differ from those around you. I am an outsider looking in who has also been in the military and stationed in two Muslim countries - Egypt and Saudi Arabia. I have often wondered why the Egyptians practice so much more religious tolerance than those around them. It seems like these people in the the intolerant Muslim countries are terrified that xtains and westerners are going to their culture, traditions and way of life. Living under Bush, I can certainly see where they are coming from. I wouldn't be surprised if westernization and Christianization wasn't his plan. I have often felt like most of the problems between my part of the world and yours stem from lack of understanding and fear. Because they are so afraid of loosing the things they cherish, they turn into ultra Muslims who may even be intolerant of other Muslims who are more modern and moderate than they are. I wish they could look to the examples of Turkey and Egypt, while not perfect, are much more tolerant and less fear filled by a long shot.

I wish I knew how to dispel this anger and fear I see in the Middle East. However, xtains are often similar over here in the US. Even though they are the bullying majority, they feel like a persecuted minority. Being persecuted is central to their belief system and even though they are actually the bullies, their beliefs don't allow them to see the obvious truth. It seems like Muslims have a similar need to see themselves as persecuted, so they do things that have consequences which brings the very persecution they are seeking.

I wish I knew how to end this cycle between my country (the US) and the Middle East, but extremists on both sides won't allow it. I wish I knew how to reassure your people their religion and culture will survive vaccinations, modern medicine and all the benefits of the modern world. I can't, because it's true, my American culture is invasive and has changed many others it has touched. However, we are also touched by all the cultures we come in contact with as well and also changed.

Because neither Muslims nor xtains believe in evolution (ie change), change is very difficult for them. I do not agree or condone this position, but I try to understand it when with them always explaining the only constant is change. I am sorry that your country is so terrified of change that they become vicious to those who represent change like yourself.

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