It is not the economy and no I am not stupid

In every Presidential election I hear the same line: It’s the economy stupid. I don’t claim to be a genius, but I think that I could safely say that in this election it is not the economy. It is about rights, gay rights and women’s rights. Those should be the two main issues that task the political landscape. Politicians will deflect comments that are made in their party and state that “We should talk about things that are really important, jobs and the economy.”

 That’s bullshit. The election of a President does not suddenly change the glacial movement of the economy. We’ve heard it all before.  If Romney is elected and things go bad in his first four years, he will blame Obama. If things go well, the Democrats will claim that it is because of the groundwork of Obama. The finger pointing gets to the point that I don’t know whom to blame or whom to praise.  Hell, is it even due to politicians? Or is it Wall Street, main street, global commerce or China that dictates our economy? It is probably a mixture of everything.

But when the rights of individuals are being curtailed it is very simple to know who is to blame. For some strange reason they like to boast about it. Of course they hide behind their bible when they do it. The volume in which they speak is growing louder. The words they say are being analyzed by pundits. The problem is that the pundits are only interested in how it will affect the election and not loudly criticizing the message. This is a problem since the message is what the “followers” want to hear. As much as the “followers” will attempt to convince themselves that they are voting because of jobs and the economy, they are voting because of religion. I see it in the letters to the editor. I hear it on “the man on the street” interviews. I see it on the bumper stickers on cars.

And because the religious right is screaming persecution, it seems that our so called “liberal” media is afraid to confront them head to head. I would love to see Romney asked this question in one of the debates: “Please explain to America how gay marriage will destroy our country?” Or, “Is it because of your religious beliefs that you oppose the rights of women?” I want our liberal media to challenge these people.  How can these politicians support limiting equal rights and still claim to support our constitution?

A day does not go by that some politician isn’t banning abortion, criticizing Planned Parenthood, blocking gay marriage and at the same time proclaiming that because he is a Christian, he/she is a true American.

The “followers” applaud and hand him cash. That is the economy that they are worried about.

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Comment by Jerry Wesner on August 26, 2012 at 12:49pm

Michael, you make some excellent points. The left needs an equivalent to Fox News. They say all the media are leftist, which is silly, but we need a real, consistent voice -- like Fox, only telling the truth. There is a radio network, maybe more than one, but they aren't big enough, or rich enough, to create balance.

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