It must be part of human condition ...

My day started good as most days usually do.  I try to choose the attitude I want to work with for a given day.  Today was going to the public library and attending critical thinkers presentation.

Interesting topic on the agenda.  The genome project national geography team did - in bringing about the understanding of genetic ancestry. At some point of the presentation, I teared up because of a comment one of the participants said - " ... we are 99% similar genetically but we kill each-other on superficial differences ... "  

After the video presentation, discussion ensued and there were attendees that associated spirituality with being 'one' - created by the 'one' - which of-course was met with critical answers like - how can a 6000 years religious point of view explains 200,000 years genetic evidence that we evolved from homo-sapiens?

May be it is a human condition to make sense of the unknown so it fits certain containerized explanation ? Something that fits certain belief system and make it all good and neatly folded.  I saw the presentation as something the added to the solidification of religion being outdated and historical relic that needs to be shelved - to be remembered as one of the evolution stepping stone.


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Comment by Reg MM on March 12, 2014 at 12:05pm

" ... we are 99% similar genetically but we kill each-other on superficial differences ... "  It does make me wonder if we didn't have religion from the outset, would we treat other cultures as differently and violently as we have? Obviously not all wars were religious, but it does seem to be a factor in some respects. Also, I sometimes ponder that we might be at an evolutionary divergence-the believing brain vs the non-believing brain. In 200 years, what will society look like? Will the majority of people on this planet still believe in some sky daddy? Or will we embrace the fully that we don't need to have an imaginary friend? and if that happens will there still be a subset of humans that can't let go?

It sounds like it was a good discussion!

Comment by Michael Penn on March 10, 2014 at 8:26am

Once in 1950 it all fit. Religion and science could even be one. Today knowledge has exploded and left religion behind. There will never be a catching up and these two will never be equal again. The mold of archeaology used to have the stains of religion. Not today and never again. The religious yardstick is outdated and inaccurate. It must be shelved forever.

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