It's impolite to talk about yourself

Or so I was raised to believe. I came from a mixed faith home, my mother was a devout christian and my father's religion was pretty much whatever mood he was in, while he did say he believed there to be some sort of God, and an afterlife he was never specific and never went to church or read the bible so I would call him an agnostic theist. I went back and forth, and while I experienced a religious phase, especially when my father died, I ultimately decided the evidence was against God, at least as it is defined by major religions. No creator being, no divine moral law, a mysterious universe perhaps but a scientific explanation also waiting to be found. The summer after my freshman year in college I read Dawkins' The God Delusion which further solidified my understanding of a universe governed by natural law and not magic or superstition.

Around that time I also "came out" of the Atheist closet to friends and family. It was easy to tell friends since most of mine were already atheist or simply nonreligious. To this day my grandmother tries to corner me and read me bible verses and tell me I'm going to hell, which I'm always overly rude to her when she does such things.. I'm sure I hurt her feelings more than she hurts mine.

Life has whatever meaning you give it, but I have yet to find an end goal for myself. I have had goals but either accomplished them or no longer desire them. Most men my age are in the business of starting a family but I find myself uninterested in going that route yet. I have a large family, old school racist bigoted southerners mostly, however many of my younger cousins are liberal and open-minded. There is hope.

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