So, it has been four months(?) since I've last had to accompany my mother to church. I have responded to my new freedom my sleeping in, writing, or jewelry making. Let's see what is going on with me:


-I'm finally learning how to drive. Maybe my mom would put herself in the car with me THIS TIME. 


-I'm moving out of the house next year! YES!


-I'm Graduating!(yes!) Next Year!(boo!)


-I'm starting up my blogs again(oh no!)


-I'm on tumblr(why?!)


-I have a job!

Now! if I can only tell mom to stuff her God delusions up her rear, I'd be on fire! But I'd like to do it in a manner that won't make her break out the prayer oil again. I have nothing better to do tonight, so I am going to upload photos and cook. Because I am that fly. 

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Comment by Monica S. on October 28, 2011 at 6:32pm
Thanks SB! It took a lot of me sounding "bitchy" but I think since I'm taking a me first attitude that It'll continue to get better :D



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