It's the best three hours you can spend on a Saturday night!

Listening to most every corporate talk-radio show has to be an exercise in unimagination, it seems like. You can almost set your watch by whatever rant said host are on at any particular time. But there's one show out there that ISN'T like the others - rather, it discusses, analyzes, debates and pokes fun at everything from a DIFFERENT point of view.

What show is that? Why, it's none other than ShockNet Radio's American Heathen - airing at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT! It's the show that attacks the enemies of liberty and freedom FOR ALL and defends those who would speak out against the status quo, regardless of party or persuasion - from an Atheist and Libertarian POV!:

WARNING: The topics discussed, and language used, on American Heathen are NOT for the faint-of-heart or the easily offended. I personally do NOT agree with all opinions expressed on the show, but I DO believe in fully free speech FOR ALL!

Want to know what the fuss is all about? Join host RJ Evans and his co-hosts - David 2, Chuck (2Buck Chuck) Doswell, Al Stefanelli and show intern Jayse Roach for the three best hours of talk ANYWHERE!

Best part of the show: It's interactive - YOU can take part in the discussion and debate. You can call TOLL-FREE at (866) 400-6684 from the USA and Canada at any point during the show to discuss with the gang anything that's on your mind (no call screeners are used and all POVs are welcome) or you can take part in the LIVE chat room (opens about 30 minutes prior to air) by clicking on Chat, choosing any screen name you wish, selecting American Heathen from the drop-down menu and clicking on Connect!

How do you tune in to the show? Just click on the link above or tune in to the simulcast on Freethought Radio ( or tune in on the FREE Apple iTunes player under Radio and Classic Rock. And you can also get more information on the show (as well as see more commentaries and opinion) at the American Heathen blog at and take a look at the American Heathen YouTube channel at

Freedom and Liberty for All. Live It. Love It.


Hope you can tune in tonight!

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Comment by Brent Feeney on February 13, 2012 at 10:50am

Thanks Steph, I'm doing all right for the most part. Hanging in as best as I can.



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