I know news reporters forfill an important role in investigating issues into matters that we don't always have access too but sometimes it goes too far.  This morning Ashleigh Banfield showed the story about Jesse Jackson's health issues on CNN Early Start : http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/11/rep-jesse-jackson-j... .  Banfeild tried to link the probe to his health issues to what "might" be a ploy to a legal defense for what "his possible" link was to the fillling the senate seat in Chicago after Obama made president.  Today's media and government has made itself very comfortable into your private affairs.  When hearing this type of reporting time and time again it makes me wonder why is it allowed, why is it expected, why is it not challenged?  Sending the wolves to your doorstep by using the question of what is going on in your life by the means of world wide media access is bad.  Let's just say that CNN was correct about Jesse seeking a strategy to free himself from wrong doing.  Wouldn't he be just as apparent to the public if we didn't hear CNN's speculative opinion?  Would not the news of a bad scheme be more relative after there is real proof?  Now what if CNN's questions were way off base and Jesse had nothing to do with a scam?  All CNN would have to say is "Oh wow, poor Jesse and his unfortunate health problems".  Now the public is aware of his personal issues.  Is there any room for more private protection policies?  I am personaly tired of this kind of reporting.

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