It seems that the formation of our universe was like a winning lotto number

I have been curious about the multi-verse theory of how our universe came to be so I did some reading. At the following website, I discovered that the general consensus is that universes are created by black holes. When a star collapses into unimaginable density and a black hole is formed, the laws of nature are destroyed and new laws are formed.
I had already read that there a 6 known numbers that hold our universe together.
It occurred to me then that the formation of our universe is much like a winning ticket in a super-duper-mega lotto game. A star became a black hole and the six numbers were scrambled and six (more or less) new numbers were formed. As in most lotto games almost all combinations of numbers are losers, but every once in a billion years, a winning set of numbers is produced and a universe is formed that can produce intelligent life.

For all of you physicists out there, is my analogy consistent with the current consensus about the multi-verse?

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Comment by JayBarti on June 9, 2010 at 2:01pm
I am hopeful that one day the scientific method will establish the cause of the universe... just remember that when it does... there still will be another turtle for the theists to latch.
Comment by Rudy Ruddell on June 9, 2010 at 12:26am
Thank you for the thoughtful answer. It corroborated other feedback I have received elsewhere, about the lack of evidence for the point of singularity. For example, one FB friend commented, "Do remember that all of this is pure speculation. We have no evidence for any of it. :)" I responded,
"Here is my understanding: Scientists collect data and then construct hypotheses that logically explain the data. If new data comes in that conflict with their hypothesis, then they change their hypothesis. The more data that comes in that is consistent with their hypotheses, the more probable the hypothesis is true.
l Researchers write papers, which are critiqued by their peers. As more papers are written, more of a consensus is reached."

"Einstein's theory of relativity had no proof but went through a similar process until it became accepted as truth. The hypothesis of this article admittedly is at the beginning of the path, but it is past the point of being merely an interesting conjecture. It does have evidence, but not enough to establish truth. In any case, I am not betting my ranch on it, but it is fascinating."
Comment by JayBarti on June 8, 2010 at 9:32am
Let me start by saying I am not a physicist, just an interest amateur like yourself. However I am maybe 2-3 year further along in my reading then you are so I might be able to help a little.

First one thing, no-one actually knows how the universe began, basically it is a perception problem. Even with our best telescopes we cannot see past a certain point in time (Horizon Problem) when it comes to cosmology, so most of the universe origin stuff is all theory.

We know about the expansion of the singularity from the cosmic background radiation, it is one of the better pieces of evidence for the 'big bang' creation of our present day universe. Past that point however the universe is dark to us, we cannot see what might have come before.

There are also a lot of competing idea's for how the universe we live in actually began. However there are all still for the most part theories in the truest sense of the term.

Some model the the current universe very well, but they are unfortunately currently impossible to prove one way or another.

I am familiar with the theory you are talking about, frankly it is one of my person favorites simply because so many of the ideas behind it line up nicely with what we know. However it is a long way from being a proven hypothesis.

And yes the whole universe is like a lottery, it is just the number of events which happen out there on a day to day basis are mind boggling huge, so huge that something, say like the formation of stars and planetary systems is pretty much a given that it will happen over and over again.

I think life is like that, I don't believe that we are a one off event in the history of the universe. Granted I have no proof, this is why I consider it a belief in that sense of the word.

Basically I have decided to keep a somewhat open mind when it comes to certain area of physics and cosmology because a lot of the current knowledge we have is still in many ways very provisional. It works and fits a lot of the models we have, but one new piece of evidence might end up turning the whole thing on its head.

Keep on reading and learning Rudy, the universe is vast and exciting. There is no end to what we might discover out there. Is not science great.



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