i've started a series on early church history on youtube

it's called "shady church history" and i base it on my background in classics and early medieval history.

i haven't used my youtube channel in this way before, so i'm not sure how it's gonna be received. (probably just ignored, as there are a lot of good videos made from atheist angles out there, lol.)

anyways, i have 2 episodes finished so far. the first is an introduction to the series, the second deals with lies propagated by the church and how one in particular led to the justification of the theocracy that dominated european monarchies.

here's a link to the videos
INTRO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIAM4C1iDFg
PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WweSthgkfB4

if you could help out with "thumbs ups" and comments and favoriting/sharing, that would be AWESOME!

if you have some criticism or suggestions, could you make them here?
i rarely use my atheistnexus page, but i know there is no better place to look for criticism that i can actually use than here (it's in our nature). criticism on youtube is usually just "this video sucks." would like to have a better dialog than that.

anyways, subscribe if you want, "like" it if you don't mind, and comment and sharing/favoriting will really help in getting the message out there so when the next installments are finished they'll fare better than the first two.

(update, the link i used to the playlist didn't work, so i posted 2 separate links. sorry for the confusion!)

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Comment by markystar on August 18, 2010 at 5:56am
this is the first i've heard of agora, but i just checked your link and it looks very interesting!
i'm thinking of bringing up hypatia in one of the next episodes. i'll try to track down the movie soon!

thanks for the criticism!! it's very helpful!
i'll try to implement those in the next episodes.
as for the images, most of them were connected to the topics, but as you pointed out, they're not labeled as such. as for my credentials, it's simply a hobby. in university i studied diachronic latin linguists (how latin became romance languages), which the backdrop was the time period that i'm covering. but i'm not a historian by training, so didn't claim any special authority on the topic, other than (maybe) above average familiarity with the time period.

a note on "thief." actually, the word was "fief," as in a tracks of land granted by rulers to their vassals in the feudal system.
Comment by Daniel on August 18, 2010 at 2:11am
1 What did you think of Agora?
2 Maybe it was just me but it sounded like you slaughtered the pronunciation of homogenous
3 I like the pictures in the video but it would be better if you used it to support what you are saying (unless you want to stick with boobs). ie Show text when your making a list, show pictures of the documents your talking about and the text you're calling into question such as the usage of thief.
4. I liked the videos but feel like it was not substantial enough to repeat the information as fact. I didn't get where your making the connections and you didn't sell your academic credentials but you did disclosure your belief system which is helpful but less important. Maybe you can provide a bibliography or follow up reading to support your information?
Comment by HotMess on August 18, 2010 at 12:56am
linked it, liked it, will watch it later ...



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