Jessica Ahlquist gets award from the Hugh Hefner Foundation, which advocates for the First Amendment

~ @ her facebook:

I am very honored and excited to share that I will be receiving an award from the Hugh Hefner Foundation, which advocates for the First Amendment and gives awards each year to selected individuals for their achievements.

I realize that it may come as a shock to some people that I am receiving an award from the creator of Playboy. Hugh Hefner is an advocate for the freedom of speech and freedom of expression, as well as the entire First Amendment. Similarly, we have both had to fight in order to uphold our First Amendment rights, and that is why I am being honored with this award.

(From their website, )
"The Hugh M. Hefner Foundation was established to facilitate individual rights in our democratic society. The primary purpose of the foundation is to support organizations that advocate for and defend civil rights and civil liberties with special emphasis on First Amendment rights and rational sex and drug policies."

Already the local news in Rhode Island has begun to twist this story to make it somehow sound scandalous. Unfortunately, my gender has become the focus of this news and "slut" and "whore" are all over the comments. It is disappointing and hurtful, but never a surprise.

Regardless, I feel incredibly honored to be chosen for this award.

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Comment by tom sarbeck on May 10, 2013 at 7:18am

Jessica's community and her state treated her abominably, even treasonably.

Rhode Island's founders made a home for people expelled by Massachusetts Puritans.

Who brought the state down so far?

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