If someone was brought up in a controlled environment where information was filtered and they were given zero information about god, how would their belief/value system evolve?

Does god have a way of communicating with people or has he devolved the spiritual continuence on the parents of the child to bring said child up in said faith? Isn't that a little lazy of him?

I wonder how many children who are brought up in faith A, sudenly denounce it and adopt faith B? The lack of wholescale movement to the 'one true god' suggests to me that god has no active involvement in which faith children are brought up in. This becomes an issue whern we consider that children could burn in hell for eternity if they do not accept jesus. Why is god so devolved from the process?

Jesus could have a little chat with every child when they get to 5. He could introduce himself and come back later to explain about sin, redemtion and eternal life. Instead, he leaves this to mere mortals, many of whom dress up in sily costumes and insist that their congregation eat crackers and drink wine, not a child friendly activity.

The christian faith is dying. The Anglican church is mortally wounded by the inclusion of women and the pope is nothing more than a pimp. Yes there are many other denominations and beliefs but where is god?

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