It's good to visit fantastic worlds of Christian web-sites. A recent one said that blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus was unChristian and with no biblical support. Blaming all Jews, or any people for that matter, for the death of any real or imagined person some 2000 years ago is nonsensical and is usually for dangerous purposes. However the "no biblical support" - you have got to be joking.

So I revisited the Gospel passion narratives as well as one of Paul's letters in my blog post. Of course the writers were clearly blaming the Jewish elite and the Jewish people for his killing. They varied on Roman culpability.

Christian apologists argue that the Gospels need to be seen in their cultural and historical contexts - true enough! But, for Christians, when does the sacred texts end and the human authorships begin and, more importantly, how do the Christians decide? Revelations 2.0, perhaps?

Alex McCullie

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Comment by Jon Fleming on December 31, 2009 at 10:24pm
I think that is the only thing about fundies i like is that they as annoying as they are atleast say and argue the bible is fact too the point of stupidity and ignorance where more liberal xtians feel they get to go thru and pick and choose till what ever they are argueing no longer resembles in version of Christianity you can get out of readin the bible with out there special black outed editions they carry in there lock box so they can re edit it when ever is suits their personnale needs



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