Joel Olsteen Shares God's Message, For a Price.

Joel Olsteen and his Flight Attendant beating wife Victoria bring their brand of religion to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. They will be here Jan 7th for the “A
Night of Hope” concert or whatever they call it. But you better be
prepared for a day or two of work because the tickets are available,
as of now, on TicketMaster for $22.70. However if you have the promo
code you can save the $7.50 fee and pay just $15.00 to get in to hear
the words of this man of God. With the Center configured as a stage
it can seat about 22,000 ticket holders. With the tickets ranging
from $22.70 to $15.00 each person the Olsteen look to rake in from
$330,000 to $499,400 alone from ticket sales. When I called the
Olsteen Ministry today the woman I spoke to in the media office told
me that it is typical for an admission to be charged to the events. I
am sure for the Olsteen events that is true. But there are plenty of
examples for this not being the case.




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