John Lennox's Arguments Destroyed by Michael Shermer before Lennox even started?

I found this a very amusing debate.

Quite humorous comments from both sides.

But, the well was already poisoned by Michael Shermer before Lennox started his preconceived spiel. 

Lennox made every mistake Shermer already gave an answer to in his first argument.

Lennox continually used the following fallacies:

"It is not possible to:" (An argument from ignorance, is following and a Dunning-Kruger effect ( "I Know") bit of nonsense is included).

So a "Nobel prize winning scientist stated", Straw man argument will be following.

Fact is: All scientists who turn their attention to god had stopped being scientifically credible and productive scientists after their turning to god.

This is true for every scientist in history, once they put a god in their hypothesis, their scientific thinking and advancement ceased entirely.  Newton was a great example of this, even Laplace who continued Newton's work, stated that Newton could easily have left himself nothing to discover, had he not given up and installed supernatural thinking into his hypothesis.  Essentially Newton gave up and simply threw up his hands and said, it is too complex, I cannot explain it, thus god is involved.  

Thus Newton installed his own argument from ignorance.

John Lennox, does not do science, so all his comments stating he does are a total Lie!

Essentially Lennox is old hat.

His arguments are all idiotic and such Christian apologetics are now so lame, that I really wonder why the likes of John Lennox, keep exposing themselves as idiots to the public.

I love the audience question concerning the "Mind Of God", and the amount of crap Lennox replies with.

Faith is going to tell him what science cannot discover.


Some apologists are soooo Lame!

Especially John Lennox!

I posted this blog, as I think many of you may find this debate quite entertaining.

It also provides many great arguments from Michael Shermer, that you can use against ignorant theists.

I was taking notes and will be using many of Shermer's arguments in the next few days in my own debates.

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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on February 15, 2015 at 8:18pm

Notice that John Lennox calls himself a "Scientist", yet his evident complete lack of critical thinking skills, demonstrates clearly that he could never be a Scientist.

Mathematicians, like Lennox, are not scientists, unless they perform scientific enquiry, as Lennox is totally incapable of,

Lennox continually names scientists as if having associated with them gives his nonsense credence, this is a fallacy of personal association.

If I sit next to a scientist, that does not make me a scientist, but Lennox's arguments attempt to do so, as he basically states that his ideas have credence, because he discussed them with a scientist, even though the scientist may have only agreed to avoid argument.

Lennox also uses comments from past scientists as if their comments outweigh modern, more skeptical scientists and the scientific community in general.

This is the Straw-Man Fallacy, setting up one person's comments/arguments as being representative of the entire community, which misrepresents the views of that community.

This misrepresentation goes on to Atheism, where Lennox grossly misrepresents atheism with his own concocted New-Atheist straw-man.

He has created a little box, called New-Atheism, which he has defined the contents of, based on his own dislikes and bigotry.

Then claims that all atheists fit into that box.

 Now that is how the straw-man fallacy works, using ones own biases and bigotry to define the character or stereotype of an entire group, and asserting that the group does fit that self contrived stereotype.

Lennox commits these fallacies and demonstrates such irrational thinking in every single debate  and discussion he has ever made.


Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on February 15, 2015 at 8:06pm

Comment by Michael Penn on February 14, 2015 at 7:14pm

LOL   Yes, science cannot discover god so I'm going to tell you all about him. I know this by faith. I was talking to God just yesterday and he asked me what I'm doing on Sunday. I think we are going to do lunch.

My church has a big following including a lot of vaxxers. They hate science and know that if their kid doesn't get a smallpox vaccination he won't get autism. Of course, the kid could end up dead, but that's where god comes in. You just gotta have faith.

They all say that atheists have faith too. Like how? Someone explain that to me.



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