Until recently, I felt quite happy to merely support atheist-type causes such as the UK's National Secular Society & the like. Since I've moved to Germany, I'm much more exposed to religious control of (what I regard) as entirely non-religious and useful social services - specifically, kindergartens. It's looking increasingly likely that I'll have to get my son christened in order to get him into a kindergarten. I'm told that he's much more likely to get to the front of a waiting list if he's christened because Christian churches of one flavour or another fund almost all of them.

As far as epithets expressing my dismay go, "bah", "grr", and "fiddlesticks" just don't cover it.

I'm largely joining some sort of atheist social group to see if it'll help. Also it has a blogging page. I've often avoided blogging because I've had the persistent feeling that it will result in some embarrassing verbal diarrhoea followed by absent minded abandonment. Hey-ho.

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