It seems to me when I hear people debate certain topics of the Christian religion that people don't know how Christians justify certain things. Thought I'd mention it just to educate anyone who might want to debate certain points.
They believe that anyone believing in another religion will go to hell, as we well know. Now this brings up the subject of people in remote parts of this world who have never heard of Christianity or if they have they don't really know what it's about. How do they have an equal chance to reject Jesus? How is this fair? I learned in my baptist upbringing that everyone knows deep down in their hearts what is wrong and right. Therefore, the primal folk living down in the jungles of the amazon or where ever, who have maybe never even met white people still know in their hearts that they are sinning when they worship the sun or the river and engage in crazy pagan rituals. They are still rebelling, just as us American atheists are rebelling.
Now, what happens when a primal person sees that he/she is sinning and wants to change? This person will look up into the heavens and speak into the void saying, "If there is more out there, if there is a great god, a greater meaning, please show me!" and then of course missionaries will be sent to their exact location and convert their entire village.
I remember missionaries coming to church and telling very moving stories about this happening.

Now as for babies. There is nothing in the bible saying that babies die when they go to heaven. It only says that we are born sinful and we can't go to heaven until we are saved. I don't know how individuals justify this. I remember though that my dad struggled with this issue and eventually came across a verse that said "god is not willing that any should parish" and somehow decided this meant babies don't go to hell for eternal torture. He also used some text or other about god wanting us to be happy to justify my aunt divorcing her abusive, cheating husband even though the bible doesn't allow it. There are many obvious flaws in what the bible dictates and Christians often use random texts to brainwash themselves into thinking its all ok. Its sad.

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