Keith Green Popped My YouTube Cherry on My Hot4Jesus blog

I've been blogging at Hot-For-Jesus Former Fundie for over 2 years... and never once have I embedded a YouTube link. I took pride in that fact. I thrive on writing original content and only use and abuse pics of Jesus and Hot Jesus Look-Alikes.

This last month, while hanging out with a fellow Former hardcore christian, we found ourselves tipsy and surfing the web for old-school Contemporary Christian Music albums while listening to the friend's old Keith Green CDs. "O Lord, You're Beautiful" came on and we started singing along. We continued to compare notes about favorite worship songs from the old days and my former Keith Green crush was revived.

And then - for my birthday - what should appear - but those very Keith Green CDs we had sung along to. I'm eternally grateful for friends like this who have left the faith and know what makes christians tick. It's refreshing to not have to explain what it was like to be baptized by immersion, what it was like to perform Jesus music, what it was like to stand by your faith ready to defend it to the death.

While writing yesterday's Hot4Jesus post, "O Lord, You're Beautiful" spun in the background. And then I realized... much as I'd like to just write about the Jesus music in my life - which is a difficult task to ask of myself - I felt I'd be doing an injustice to those unfamiliar with worship teams and the Jesus Movement and Keith Green if I didn't include his song in the post.

Hence - Keith Green's "O Lord, You're Beautiful" is embedded in my blog - and I have no regrets.

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Comment by Christine Vyrnon on January 3, 2010 at 11:20am
Simone- It's not easy to put the change of mind/heart in a nutshell - so I tend to direct people to the blog. When something permeates every waking minute of your life for over two decades, leaving it, though for me was a fairly swift process, is still a complicated thing to describe.

Ryan - ahh Stryper! I didn't listened to them very much - but I remember liking their sound because at heart I have a huge soft-spot for metal. It was confusing at the time - as in - i wasn't allowed to listen to metal/rock but Styper was okay? But christian rock wasn't okay with my family - b/c - well - whatever. I don't recognize the other names - but I do know Cash is still popular among rock-a-billy Xtians... and as a result - I'm always slightly offended by him.
Comment by ryan cameron on January 2, 2010 at 4:08pm
I was listening to some old 'vengeance rising" because the words "I want head chopped'll see body rot...and then I'll reign with Christ, and then you'll fry" often ring in my ears as I type my various anti-religious blogs. So I often go on journeys to find out what the old christian music folks are doing like Stryper, Terry Scott Taylor (still am a raving Daniel Amos fan -horrendous disc was the second record I owned in life) and read that Johnny Cash apparently sang on a "One Bad Pig "cover of one of his songs... One bad pig was a huge turn off of christianity for me due to their "masturbation is artificial sex" song that worked very hard to get you to feel as guilty as possible for the activity that "makes baby jesus cry".

Anyway, I used to play in a few christian rock bands, went to word records a lot in Vancouver, and had an interesting connection with Larry Norman as I worked with a close friend of his "Brander MacDonald", and of course listened to and had crushes on girls who idolized Larry Norman and Keith Green.

Thanks for sharing! I'm certainly with you on this.



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