Ken Ham of Creation Museum lies to children in book saying dinosaurs lived with man.

The blog called Pharyngula posts a picture of a page from the book by Ken Ham and John Morris called "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs."

Bible-thumping is right there at the heart of the organization. That's their whole premise, that the Bible is literally true and all science must conform to it. The Creation "Museum" isn't about science at all, but is entirely about a peculiar, quirky, very specific interpretation of the Bible.

I've also read Jason Lisle's book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, which isn't the ultimate anything, contains no proofs, but does boldly proclaim the absolute truth and authority of the Bible. Right at the beginning, it asserts that the Bible is a central tool in their proselytizing, and that the good creationist should reject the blandishments of secular tempters who demand evidence other than the Bible. (It really is an awful book, too — long, preachy, and whining non-stop about logical fallacies — with the author commits freely — and nowhere does it provide a scrap of reason why we should accept the literal account of the Bible).

But don't just take my word for it. I recently and fortuitously received a copy in the mail of the closest thing to a scientific publication ever authored by Ken Ham, thanks to a generous reader. Even better, it's a double-whammy: it's authored by two of the biggest names in creationism, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and John Morris of the Institute for Creation research. These are authorities in their little wacky subdomain of pseudoscience.

Here is the text from that page as presented at the Pharyngula blog.

What's this? Dinosaurs and people together? Some scientists think that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, long before humans lived on the earth. But the Bible tells us the real story. The Bible tells us that God made the dinosaurs on day six of Creation week, only thousands of years ago. Do you know who God also made on day six to care for the world? Adam and Eve, the first two humans, our great, great, great, great…grandparents. Do you know what this means? Dinosaurs must have lived at the same time as Adam and Eve. Wow! Wouldn't that have been exciting?

That is unbelievable. People believe it, though. Millions of them really do believe Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis over scientific research. I have not figured out why.

Here is a link to Answers in Genesis which links to more about Ken Ham and the Creation Museum.

I wonder if they, like the Dinosaur Adventure Land in Pensacola, believe they are working for God and don't need to pay taxes?

Kent Hovind was found guilty in November 2006 on 58 counts, including failure to pay employee taxes and making threats against investigators.

The East Peoria, Ill. native sparred with the IRS for 17 years before his conviction. He claimed no income or property since he was employed by God and said that his ministers were not subject to payroll taxes.

These creationists seem to have a fascination with dinosaurs.

Turns out the professor at this Pharyngula blog is taking some students to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky on August 7.

Perhaps, like me, you harbor a morbid fascination for the infamous Creation Museum near Cincinnati.

You're scientifically literate, enough at least to have an idea of what the scientific method is andhow evolution works. You've read about the museum, where biblical literalism is dressed up as science. Maybe you've seen photos and videos online, read what founder Ken Ham says about the place -- but you've never been there. Maybe you've even opined that you'd prefer to have your skin peeled off -- followed by a bath in orange juice -- than spend a day at the Creation Museum.

If that sounds like you, maybe you should change your mind and visit the site Aug. 7. That's when the Secular Student Alliance -- which promotes the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy and humanist ethics on college campuses -- will sponsor a visit to the museum by atheist and science blogger PZ Myers.

Myers is a biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and a vocal thorn in the side of theists everywhere. He writes the popular blog Pharyngula, where he has pointed out absurdities in the Creation Museum's claims about science for a long time. Myers is happily atheist, with a scathing sense of humor and a famously low tolerance for BS.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Myers will tour the Creation Museum along with a cohort of people who sign up through the Secular Student Alliance's Web site. Those who register in advance will get in for $10; those who show up at the door will pay $22. All are welcome.

I would so love to be a fly on the wall on that tour.

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Comment by Mihai on August 5, 2009 at 5:05am
Stupid as they are, unless we respond to these, they will gain ground. Read this: The same applies here...
Yesterday I read something new and breath-taking: darwinism is a belief, a myth that haunted for thousands of years, popular in the ancient world...COME ON!!!! I read quite a bit (I am 41) and never encountered this "myth"....
Every time I get to read creationist b***t, my blood pressure goes up....



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