Since about the 1st day of kindergarten we have been encouraging college for our kids.

Now the time has come. Our eldest will be off to a university in the fall. Last fall we started the apps, SATs, etc....

Our eldest son's best friend has not received the same encouragement. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, he came to us for help. I sat down and filled out the college apps for him, and paid the fees. I scheduled him and paid for the SAT's.

His mom has actually discouraged college. She feels that he should get a job and live at home until god brings him a wife.

Seriously?!?!?!?!?!??! I can usually line up in my brain peoples religious whatnot and how their religious beliefs drive their parenting but even this seems crazy to me. Oh yea, I should mention that my biological mother is what we refer to as a "snake charmer" and even she didn't discourage BOYS from attending college. Honestly I don't understand parents who don't want MORE for their children.

Anyway, so we have been filling out the paperwork and trying to get him squared away. Unfortunately his baptist mom is no help! Most everything we don't need her for but when it comes to FAFSA they want the parents tax info to determine scholarships and grants. The only thing she pays for is the roof over his head. He not only has to buy his own school clothes but he is expected to pay for his own lunches, etc...

I have contacted the college he is interested in and explained his situation. Anybody have any advice??????

I am sure based on his parents economical status he would be eligible for assistance but without their information how do I prove he needs assistance.

If I had the money I would pay for his college but I am taking out loans to cover our owns sons college.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Oh, I should mention this boy, my second son, respects that we are atheists but he refers to himself as baptist. =) Go figure!

Thank you for your help!

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