Latest update on the KUHA School Project

Hello my friends,

All is going on at Kasese Humanist Primary school, now in its second year of operation. We expect to have our P.7 Children sit for their Primary Leaving Examinations scheduled for 5th & 6th November.

Many thanks goes to the generous support received from organizations and individuals all over world most especially All child sponsors, The Godless Poutine, Atheist alliance International ,Swin burne University and Foundation beyond Belief.

Our school embarked on a successful project of building the chicken coop and stocking it with chicken to provide eggs to the kids.This project is ongoing and moving on well and we expect the eggs to be available with effect from next term commencing Late January 2013. More about this project is available at Mysecretatheistblog 

We recently received a batch of text books from Books Abroad UK at our school and these books are already helping out our children. The books were donated to Kasese United Humanist Association Library, this library is run and managed by KUHA and is accessible to KHPS students, other schools in the area and the general community.

Of recent, the KHPS has received support from Foundation Beyond Belief organization and these funds are going to boost the school in putting in place a nice library with all its furniture, book shelves, chairs, tables to be purchased from these funds. In addition i am going to procure a big metallic water tank that will be installed at the school to harvest rain water.

Another development is that one already existing between KHPS and Swinburne University of Technology based in Australia who have already donated funds to aid the computer class, purchase of computers and internet installation and connection at Kasese Humanist primary School. There is also a Question and Answer project (Curly Questions)  going on between Swinburne Students and KHPS students.

A latest innovation by Kasese United humanist association is the creation of Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens which aims at investing in nature where six acres of land has been reserved to accommodate the botanical gardens. More about this venture can be seen at  Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

I encourage all my friends all over the world to keep following the activities under the KUHA SCHOOL PROJECT and that of the Botanical Gardens and your ideas, comments and suggestions on how we can improve our services are highly welcome.

Yours in free thought,

Bwambale Robert

Founder Kasese United Humanist association

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