A Brilliant speech by Naomi Oreskes on ted.com, which I found answers one of the most common questions "why should I believe in what science say?" 

although its impossible to understand every scientific discoveries, even scientists find it hard to understand discoveries made in other fields of science, you can't explain every discovery make in physics to a biologist.

you have to remember that the laws of nature and research are the fundamental of keeping a fair game 

If you want to understand more about why trusting scientific discoveries, you should see it.


If someone has a explanation of why trusting theoretical science, Please share :) 

 אייל טנדלר

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Comment by Michael Penn on July 16, 2014 at 11:22am

Science has always answered my questions but I didn't take it seriously until I understood that theists said that religion answered all of their questions. Religion answers nothing. It simply leads to lots more unanswerable questions.



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