I have to say I profoundly disagree with this piece, but it's worth a read.  And he gets it wrong when he claims the pope is not homophobic: he carried out an anti gay campaign in Argentina, which recently was the first country in Latin America to approve gay marriage, but these things are swept under the rug when other more pressing issues come to the front.  He's better than the previous pope, who was the leader of an international conspiracy to silence victims and protect predators ... but then that's not a lot to expect from someone ...

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Comment by Daniel Wachenheim on September 22, 2013 at 5:34pm

Hiram, thanks for posting.  I don't know what to say about how I feel regarding this pope.  The last one was great, as a lightning rod for anticatholic criticism.  This one seems more like a teddy bear.  At least as to how he's presenting himself.

Who decides who is a "leading Atheist"?

Derod, I think you are right.  I keep thinking the catholic church has a marketing department, and they are running the show now. 

Even if this pope signals a new direction for the catholic church, there is still the issue of (a) a thousand years of abuse, war, conflict, harassment, and oppression of catholics and noncatholics, and (b), there is no god, Jesus was at most a repackaged and remarketed local figure, not the son of a nonexistent god. 

Still, if people look at the new pope and think "Oh, how cuddly!", maybe they wont revile the greed and abuse of the catholic church and its leaders and minions.  Good marketing move.

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