Let Me Chose my Path (UPDATED!) - a writing piece that is me to the "T"

I wrote this back in December of 2011, days after Christopher Hitchen's passing from cancer. Here's my piece of writing that describes me the most as a secular humanist. Enjoy!

Christianity belongs to Europe because their ancestors invented it before my ancestors were being forced on with violence and death that during the Atlantic Slave Trade and Christopher Columbus' killings against Native Americans. Islam came centuries later after the first start of Christianity, but it's an explicit version of that religion. Judaism came before Christianity, but it's currently in conflict with Palestine for more than a half a century.


How can a God be so merciful when he takes good people away from the Earth if they're not terminally ill or healthy? For the terminally ill, I understand fully about that. If you're dying and there's nothing you can do to save a life, then left the change of life takes its course. It's just this thing about "God's Plan" is officially played out and it's boring me to death. How can a God be so hateful when he allows (always) good people to go downhill with their lives while the one who are wicked living their lives doing grimy shit that just irks me beyond belief - and getting away with stuff?


Why did God designed me to be a special ed student going crazy while the so-called "normal" students get more privileges than me? God did not heal me from that, so don't you dare give me that mess. My mom, family, and some of my teachers helped me get healed because THEY CARE AND THEY LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY. It seems to me that some people don't wanna receive credit for their dedicated contributions but gives a bearded misogynistic man in the sky the biggest credit he "deserves". Also, here's another thing. Everywhere I go since growing up in the Bronx, I always see plenty of homelessness and heartaches - and that was in the 1990s. It hurts me everyday. Why does this "God" pick and chose who can get a second chance and who doesn't? Something tells me that a lot more moderate religious individuals are getting the short end of the stick while the churches in power are reaping ALL the benefits.

Fast forward to my college life: fall 2011. I decided to practice becoming a Secular Humanist using the Buddhist philosophy (a non-theistic religion that uses self help and meditation without superstition and the supernatural - which arrived long before Greek Philosophy). It's a long road, but I can do it. There is no conversion nor condemning, but a start of becoming more accepting and compassionate human being who can still enjoy life and do great things for the better good without the chains of organized religion that has controlled my ancestors for many, many centuries. I'm also into Ethical Culture too because I'm enjoying these two things. Now, since 2012 - the last year of my undergraduate career, Ethical Culture and Secular Humanism are the two main philosophies that represents me as an individual and as a responsible adult.

We all have a life to live for ourselves and not worrying about being threatened with fire and brimstone if we don't tithe to local churches. I can donate to various secular organizations who help the unfortunate like the churches do. I know what donations I can give to because I care about people who were not as lucky as I am. I love my family and friends dearly and unconditionally because they love me, but I refuse to convert to Christianity or any religion because "someone says so" or "I'm going to hell". Don't even think about forcing me to be converted by a religion that was never mine in the first place, including Nationalism colliding with religion - which never works for me because it's another tool for any kind of racism, hatred, and bigotry. There is no such thing as the devil or Satan. It's a myth that man created long before organized religion went worldwide. I'm not the devil in anyway because I choose not to follow man-made religions but my intentions and my own moral compass. There are thousands of religions worldwide and I'll be damned if I get beaten into submitting to the deities that are man-made and never there physically.


Let me choose my path on how to be a good and a moral person and you choose yours. Let me live my life the way I see fit and you live yours. My reason for this decision is because I believe in reason, logic, critical thinking, and rational thinking. I may be making mistakes in m life, but I'm still a good person and I know how to treat people right. You live and you learn along the way. I respect people's opinions, but I also need my opinions to be respected, too.


I know it's not that easy for you, but it will be easy if you are reading this message and understood the path that I have chosen since my college days. I'm 26 now and my relationship with reason should stay that way - a path to Secular Humanism.

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