Hi! My name is Monica, but for all purposes, I'd rather be called "Noir"(nickname from an otaku group I'm in). Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and give a little bit of info about myself.

I recently(less than a year ago) came out of the "non-theist closet" officially. I made a few steps here and there, but always ended up going back into the fold. Or I always questioned if I was making the right decision(I am after all, a former spirit-filled fundamentalist).

Right now, I'm am pretty sure that the god that I was raised to believe in and revere, I no longer believe in.

There are other deities out there, but I place them on the shelf with the deities from various mythologies(Roman, Greek, and Japanese). In other words, I don't think it's possible, they they are nice symbols(for literature and such) but no further than that.

I believe in doing good for the sake of good, not because I'll get a reward in heaven. I'm alive now, and to be honest even if heaven did exist, that's a bit long to wait for a pat on the back.

I believe that folks should have the right to respectfully disagree. You don't have to call someone an idiot, unless after time and time again they have shown themselves to be thus(I'm looking at you Pat Robertson).

I believe that how we treat minorities is most telling of who we are as a nation. I'm not saying let anyone and everyone walk all over you, but just try and be reasonable.

I believe in having a sense of humor. We're all going to die anyway, so why not go laughing?

I like talking about politics, science, religion, otaku culture,literature, music, culinary stuff, and travel. I'd honestly talk to a brick wall if it talked back, even if all it did was grunt...

So as for right now, this is all I have to say about myself.

Thank you.


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Comment by feralboy12 on August 10, 2010 at 7:14pm
Congratulations, Noir. You obviously have your head on straight.
Not sure about the "talking to a brick wall" thing though. Sounds too much like prayer.



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