Let Us Not Praise the Prosperity Gospel With Faint Damn: It’s Worse than its Theology!

“Joel Osteen’s Fake, Heretical ‘Christianity’ Isn’t Any Better Than Atheism.”

That’s the title of an article from blogger Matt Walsh published yesterday on The Blaze. If Matt Walsh ever does have a thought worthy of publication, he will no mistake it for a bad cold, and there is certainly no chance The Blaze would publish anything that challenges the grade-school level reading skills of its founder, Glenn Beck. Still, sometimes even soft-heads and soft-targets merit a response of some kind.

More here: https://northierthanthou.com/2016/08/05/let-us-not-praise-the-prosp...

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Comment by Michael Penn on August 13, 2016 at 7:00pm

The prosperity gospel. All the preachers use it and Oral Roberts gave an airplane to a man in Texas named Ewing who taught him all about "seed faith." If you live on social security and send your money to a preacher, god will surely bless you. If you belong the the Assemblies of God they will investigate why you are not prospering money wise. Ask Marjoe Gortner. Maybe you should invest more in soy beans.



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