Lies, damn lies and the people who ignore them

What do you blog about when you don’t feel like blogging and don’t have anything to say? The Bible! Nothing like a bit of Bible study to get you going right? Right.

I thought that today, I’d go back to the beginning. You know, this bit:

1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

I think even some Christians might recognize that line. It’s the first line of the Bible (the King James version anyway…). And I know what you’re thinking: “he’s going to tear into the horse shit that is the creation story and point out how it’s not scientific at all, has no evidence and is generally laughably impossible”.

Well, no.

Instead, we’re going to have a look at the characters of the creation story. ‘Story’ since it is a story, on par with the Hindu creation myths and the ancient Greek ones and the ancient Roman ones and the Norse ones and the Egyptian ones… you get the point. There is not one iota of evidence that makes the Christian story more credible than any of the other aforementioned stories. Christians can’t even agree among themselves on the truth of their own creation story and god knows they allegedly speak to the same deity and could just ask him. They even have a ‘personal relationship’ with it. Strange no?

Anyway, there’s four characters we’ll look at:

  • God – Perfect, omniscient, almighty creator of the universe.
  • Adam – The first human being created by God
  • Eve – The second  (or third, depending on how much attention you pay when you read the Bible) human being created by God
  • The Serpent – A garden variety snake created by God. And no, I don’t see any evidence in the Bible that says the snake was anything other than a snake.

Everybody knows the story, right? Ok, fine, several billion people know the story, right? Right.

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