Perhaps boring, but what the hell. Isn't the purpose of a blog to write about ones self?

So much for slowing down at age 70. I'm busier than ever. First, it's the yard work, picking up sticks, raking, mending fences, etc. That all before rolling the sod. I've read that's not good--compacting and all--but if I don't, I might as well be mowing the Rockies. I've even started cleaning up the garden. Going to the locl nursery tomorrow to buy vegetable seeds!! Yeah,  Spring!

This is "moving week" for my daughter and family: Moving to their remodeled farm house on my family farm site to begin their sustainable farming operation ( I've been helping where I can, mostly taking the two grandkids for the day (today marking 4 consec. week-days). They're only 3 and 7 months old--demanding, but good kids.

Still too cold and wet for golf, but it won't be long! Besides, I'm too busy to be playing around. 


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Comment by Daniel W on April 2, 2013 at 11:06am

Your life sounds good, to me, Randall.  Spring is full of promise for the year.  Enjoy it!


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