Lately, I’ve been involved in many discussions about astrology. It just keeps popping up almost daily. In these discussions I am alone on the side where astrology is bullshit. I am viewed as a total party pooper. I am a very social person and love to meet and talk with strangers at parties and bars. Funny thing is, it seems when I am introduced to a new person and strike up a friendly conversation, in the first 5 minutes I am asked “What’s you sign?” I tell them jokingly, “next window please.” They laugh and then say “No really, when’s your birthday?” I try to avoid this conversation more than any god conversation. These astrology discussions become more heated than any non-god conversation I have ever had. I live in LA where everyone is a lot more “loosey-goosey” with their beliefs. It’s less about god and more about spirituality and energy. So the astrology thing is huge here.

So when asked about my sign, I try to avoid this with all my skill and charm, but many times have to resort to just straight up saying, “I like you new friend and I’m enjoying talking with you, but this is a conversation we should probably not have, because I’m afraid you won’t like me very much if we go any further.” Unfortunately, that kind of ruins things anyway. People tell me I am argumentative and why can’t I just answer the question? Why am I so uptight about this subject? I’ve even been accused of trying to hide something. Hide what? What’s to hide? I tell them I think it’s a silly, irrelevant conversation and I don’t think planets, stars and other space objects have anything to do with anyone’s personality. How can there be only 12 different types of personalities in the whole world? Then it gets convoluted and they tell me each sign has a moon or a rising or blah blah blah….
So then I say, why even base anything on the original sign then, if your going to add all these variations after the fact? What’s the point?

I have actually has people tell me “but these are ancient beliefs that have been passed on through generations….” And I say, “Exactly my point, ancient beliefs. The Earth is flat was an ancient belief. Do you believe that? Leeches cure people was an ancient belief. Do you want to go to the leech doctor when you feel a cold coming on? I didn’t think so. So why believe astrology? Then someone said to me, really, “Astrology is a science. You said you believe in science, right? So I say, “Astrology is NOT science, astronomy is.” And they said, “It’s all the same to me.” Ugh….

I could go on for pages with the ridiculous things people say in their arguments in their belief of astrology, but I will spare you. Ultimately, I am viewed as the closed minded wet blanket and people drift away and look at me like I’m no fun at all. It’s kinda bringing me down. And every time I get thrown that question “What’s your sign”, I feel sick. Should I just tell them what they want to hear, and then have them go on and on telling me about my personality when all they know is my birthday? They think they have me all figured out because they know my sign? Why don’t they talk to me and really find out about my personality instead of making assumptions based on ancient crap? Trouble is, I’ll bet it comes up again tonight. *sigh*….

Accepting discussion ammo. Any help?

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Comment by Jude Johnson on May 8, 2009 at 8:46pm
Hey Zeeman! Sorry I've been gone so long (as if you even noticed!) - been working 75-hr weeks.

The sort of thing you described just infuriates me! I just can't stand it and it happens all the time! I don't know how many times I've been the only one in the room who accepts evolution (we don't have so much astrology crap around here - just churches on every corner). I'm not a good debater - probably because I don't like it. -But I always feel the evidence speaks for itself. I touch on some of the high points of the overwhelming evidence for evolution, I refer them to websites and books which state the facts more elegantly than I, I try and I try and I finally realize one simple (although depressing) fact:
There is nothing to be gained from debating any topic with people who give their whole system of beliefs over to an ancient myth for which there is no proof whatsover while simultaneously rejecting scientific proof. There is no common ground from which to start and there is no Reason allowed.

My only advice is to avoid debates with them whenever possible (unless you have hope you've found a reasonable one) or else try to make a joke from it for your own amusement: tell them you're a Sagiquarius.
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on May 8, 2009 at 5:41pm
You remind me of Tim Minchin's encounter with 'Storm' - a Saggitarian:

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