Living With Very Nice Monsters: The Anger Never Left (Apparently)

Proposition 8 was never something easy for me to handle. I kept the old newspapers, got in more than one fight, and went to my first protest over it. I live in the heart of it. I live with the Mormons. I live with the sick, twisted, inhuman bastards who threw away millions of dollars to pass it. And to this day hearing about it makes my heart want to throw up.

I don't understand. I was well over this kind of ignorance coming out of elementary school. Yet even being raised in this religion, including attending an LDS private school, it's still unbelievable how people can follow this cult. I didn't even HAVE gay friends. One gay uncle. That was it. But the concept was so simple to me... and even if you're hateful enough to deny gay marriage in your religion, why must you bring it upon everyone?

It makes me think. Mormons are stereotypically smiley and creepy-nice. As stereotypes go, that's pretty accurate. It's just that apparently they're also incredibly stupid and willfully ignorant?

I feel bad to the point where I can't openly attack them about it. And it is hard to confront someone who is kind to you. I have to moderate my facebook page and stay quiet in school to avoid it. Why won't they do the same for me? Sometimes I wonder if I should have been more vocal-- but would that have saved all of those broken hearts, torn families, and suicides?

If I remember right, my neighbor donated $20,000 to Proposition 8. That is a shit ton of money. Later he was found to be having an affair with a girl who worked for him. WAY TO SAVE THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY, BRENT.

Sometimes I don't know how to cope with the anger. Just as it seems that I'm cooling down and learning to chill and make friends and "live and let live" I remember why I'm so angry in the first place and realize that complacency may only be working against me. I'm not an angry person by nature; not in driving, not at store employees, or when I spill something, or when the teacher is late or the neighbor's dog is whining. This is different. I'm not sure that this is forgivable. I feel like I'm drowning... And I know that none of this information and none of these feelings are new, but they're never ending it seems... and sometimes they need to come out.

Also I'm no good with wall-punching.

P.S.- Don't buy cars from Brent.

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Comment by Earther on December 13, 2010 at 1:14pm

Ok, so I read proposition 8 and I agree it is another one of those stupid laws that is upheld by the large bully system AKA American Society as it is today.  My solution is to also question Marriage all together.  I am investigating the civil rights differences between Married couples and non-married couples and it looks more convincingly to me that marriage is not the only way to have a successful relationship, in fact it may be the only way to have a successful relationship among atheist in our society.  Marriage is a religiously made tradition that has made its way into the law books.  I know that many atheist do not think of marriage as having to do with religion and it should be secular.  In fact that is not all true when it comes to your civil rights.  There are so many private organizations that do business using their own biased based rules to serve you or not.  It is important to change the laws to create fairness for all people who are engaged in a relationship.  At this point it does not, it favors only marriage relationships.  You may say, just get married then and receive the rights you deserve.  What about those in Proposition 8 who are denied those rights, what about those of us who are atheist who feel uncomfortable with the religious implications it places on you if you do marry?  At this point I am not in favor of getting married.  I am in favor in making a responsible relationship.

Comment by Earther on December 13, 2010 at 12:57pm

At this point I am not familiar with proposition 8 but I will look it up after I blog to you.  Meantime I want you to think of this analogy.  There are two rooms, in room 1 there is a document to fill out to change the laws of the land and in order to pass the law you must complete it.  In room 2 there is your train that is about to leave that will take you to your food source.  If you miss the train you may starve to death.  My advice, take the train.  You have to step away from the issues that torture us in order to survive.  The train will come back to this issue later when you are more prepaired to deal with it.

Comment by Maverick Jester on December 12, 2010 at 1:12pm

Good post and I understand your anger. When you think about it logically, the hysteria that prop 8 created made no sense. How could a couple's gender have any effect on other people's marriage? If you are against same sex marriage don't marry someone who is the same sex as you. That is simple enough. But that is not how religious fanatics see it. To them, everything is a spiritual war that they have to win. I have no idea how to defeat them but I think that eventually we will. I think that one of the reasons that many Christians seem so extreme today is because they know that they are loosing numbers.


By the way, if you think mormons are bad, try growing up in the south. This is a hotbed of fundamentalism



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